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  Murtis consecrated in the inner sanctum of the main mandir  
Sahajanand Swami   Bhagwan Swaminarayan   Abjibapashri
  Mandir Timings  
Mangala Aarti : 06.00 am
Balbhog (Thal) : 06.15 am
Shangar Aarti : 07.30 am
Rajbhog (Thal) : 10.30 am
Thakorji Shayan : 12.00 pm
Thakorji Utthan : 04.00 pm
Sandhya Thal : 06.30 pm
Sandhya Aarti : 07.00 pm
Thakorji Shayan : 09.00 am
Please do abide the following guidelines to preserve the spiritual dignity of Tirthdham as a holy place of worship:
  For group visits or longer stay, if lodging or boarding facilities are needed please do contact earlier the administrators of Tirthdham at the given details on contact page.
  Please maintain peace in the mandir surroundings.
  Please abide guidelines as mentioned in the signages¬† at different mandir sections.
  Ladies are not allowed to access areas restricted for sadhus.
  Video and Photography are not allowed in the mandir campus.
  Food brought from outside is not allowed to be consumed in the mandir campus.
  Smoking, alcohol consumption, any kind of use of tobacco or other addictions are not allowed.
  Please refrain yourselves from touching any murtis in either of the mandirs even while performing abhishek ritual.
  Abhishek will be allowed to perform at times of darshan only. Please go through the mandir timings and co-operate.
  Please keep yourselves away from any kind of misconduct that the dignity of mandir and disturbs its spiritual ambience.
Mandir administrators hold all rights to change the norms anytime even without notice and also the right to refuse anyone's access to mandir premises for violation of any of the given guidelines.
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